Wow, almost a week into 2022 already! I hope that everyone has had a restful, happy and healthy time over the holiday period. I know I was very ready for a break: I find the short days and long periods of darkness leave me with depleted energy levels and a real urge to hibernate!

With the turn of the year, though, the daylight hours are slowly stretching out and in spite of winter weather I’m noticing signs of growth and change in nature, as buds form on trees and hedges, and – on sunny days at least – joyous birdsong.

I am not one for making new year’s resolutions; it feels like an unnecessary pressure and anyway, why does the date make a difference to my intentions? However, I definitely think that after “recharging” over the holiday period (and unlike many, I have been lucky enough to take a long break) this is a good time to reflect on where I’m at and look forward to what lies ahead.

I feel huge gratitude for where I am and for all that I have in my life, not least living in a very beautiful part of the world with access to wonderful countryside. For me this is a source of joy and inspiration, and immersing myself in nature is the way I best for me to restore my energy. I am also looking forward to continuing on my path of learning and development, both personally and professionally – it’s an exciting journey which I believe continues for our whole lives! I am hoping to work more in the outdoors, bringing the benefits of nature to my counselling sessions, and of course I am looking forward to resuming work with clients, both “old” and new.

I wonder what your reflections are on where you’re at now and where you’d like to be going forward? If you think you’d like to explore your thoughts, feelings, aspirations or goals then please contact me to arrange an informal, no obligation telephone chat to find out more about counselling or to book an appointment.

Wherever it takes you, I wish you well for 2022!

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