Before deciding to begin counselling you may have some questions about practicalities such as cost or location. I’ve addressed some frequently asked questions are listed below; for any other queries please contact me.

What happens after I make an enquiry?

After you’ve contacted me we will arrange an informal phone conversation to discuss your needs. I’ll ask for some information about you and why you’d like to access counselling support. I’ll also answer any questions you have. You will then have the opportunity to decide whether or not you’re happy to work with me as your counsellor.

Should you decide that you want to go ahead then we’ll discuss whether you’d like face-to-face or online therapy. We will book one or more sessions at a mutually agreed time and any paperwork I need you to complete will be emailed to you.

How do you provide counselling?

  • Face-to-face, indoors or outdoors, in North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.
  • By telephone or video call throughout the UK.

How long is a counselling session?

A standard session is 50 minutes long. Longer sessions can be provided – please ask for details.

How many sessions will I need?

This very much depends on the issues you want to explore. We will discuss this in the initial appointment and can add to or reduce the number of sessions as we progress, and by mutual agreement. Generally however you should expect to attend a minimum of four sessions.

How frequently will I attend?

Initially at least, the process will be most beneficial if you attend weekly, and where possible at the same time each week. Frequency may be reviewed after a few sessions. There is also some flexibility on times of appointments depending on whether counselling takes place online or face-to-face.

What are the costs and how do I pay?

  • Sessions cost £45.00, payable by bank transfer 48 hours prior the session taking place.
  • There is a 10% discount when a block of 4 or more sessions are booked and paid in advance (T&Cs apply).
  • Concessionary rates are available for low-income/unwaged. Please contact me for more information.

Where do face to face sessions take place?

Indoor sessions take place at: